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#EntrustTips: 6 Steps on how to successfully work from home

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Working from home is not a new thing to do, but more people are leaning towards this situation for everyone's safety due to the pandemic. As you know, not everyone is tech-savvy and is not used to working remotely. Therefore, it is essential to develop a strategy, have the right mindset, and have the right software services to jump-start your productivity to get through this WFH situation.

Here are #EntrustTips for the week to help you out:

Step #1: Establish a Routine

Create a routine like how you would typically do on a regular working day outside your home. In short, pretend like you are going out to go to work!

Wake up early, drink your tea or coffee, take a shower, wear your office clothes, do your hair, and makeup.

Whatever it is, #StickToIt! Routines train your mind to be ready for another productive day of working.

Step#2: Set up your Workspace

Find a place in your home where you can shift your focus to work mode and set it up as you would have in your office. Having a dedicated workspace would lessen your distractions and get you going. Also, make sure to check your software services whether they are working properly to ensure a smooth workflow.

Step#3: Organize your day by answering questions for your To-Do List.

Start it off by answering the following:

What did you do last time? What are you going to do today? And what is in the way?

Answering these questions allows our minds to map through what needs to get done or what was left undone, so we can pick up where we left off and tackle the most crucial task right away.

Step#4: Turn on your favorite music/sound

Productivity can increase when you hit that play button of your favorite music or sound. Some people prefer white noises or instrumental music to focus, and some do other genres to keep them awake and energized.

Step#5: Communicate with people in your home

Communication is key! When it is time to work, let the people you live with, be informed. Have them respect your time and space to work to avoid distractions.

Step#6: Take breaks

The key is to balance out your day. Give yourself enough time to step away from your computer screen and phone - Move around, close your eyes, or get a snack. Not only does this help your body, but it is also good for your eyes.

So recharge once in a while!


That is it for our weekly dose of #EntrustTips.

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