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Cloud Computing




Software Development

Web Application 

We help you create the best  web application for your business.  Engage visually and continuously to stay on track and in control... 

Mobile App 

We build beautiful mobile app for your  iOS and your  Androids  devices using native portable and scalable technologies

Dedicated Team

We will provide you with dedicated resources for you to  manage to help you speed up your project or meet hard to find technical speciality.


There will be 30 billion IoT connected devices by 2020.  We will help you design , configure and develop your use case. 

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning AI  is used to predict  sales , customer behavior, among others. We will help you develop your

successful use case. 


Go from data to understanding to benefit  with a Google Cloud BI solution. At Entrust will help you prepare you data and harness its power to create real business results 


Project Management

 Whether you are looking to build a new software application, enhance an existing application, or maintain and support an existing  one, Entrust can assist you in all of the above. Just call us for a no charge initial assessment.

Proof of Concept 

Proof of  Concepts "POC"  demonstrate design and functional ideas that can be used in your prototypes or in the final development. POC provides reality checks and  risk management tool.

Product Design

Good product design is critical for the success of your software and requires many iterations and resources. Entrust will walk you through the process and provide you with needed design and development resources 

Ready for the next step?

Check out the next steps to get started on your new or existing project. These are the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phases for Success. 

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