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Accelerate Your Development

Entrust Software Development is a  global development company with offices in the United States and India. Entrust is a hub with the sole focus on helping clients accelerate their software development across multiple domains and using the latest technologies. 


Our dedicated software engineers have strong technical abilities, excellent project management and communication skills, and passion to deliver quality results in a fast-paced environment. They are businesses to innovate and implement their digital transformations.


With U.S and India -based project management and cross-functional teams in Europe and South Asia, Entrust designs, analyzes and builds next-gen software systems, business and mobile applications, middleware, and network control systems across a variety of industries, including finance, insurance, retail, healthcare and government. 

Executive Team

Founded by Hani Ascha  , US with over 30 years of experience in founding and leading companies in technology management, technology implementation, operational risk, compliance management, and insurance risk management.




  • Established and is on the board of Governance, Risk and Compliance Software company

  • Established and is on the board of a Medical MalPractice insurance carrier.

  • Software development management and implementation

  • Actively advising on GRC software platform direction and development

  • Provided professional expert advice to over 100 companies

  • Member of ISACA

  • Member of Insurance Professionals of Orange County

  • Member of the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce

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About Us

Entrust is a software technology services company, focused primarily on enhancing your competitive edge.  We  develop and facilitate digital business transformation initiatives and offer cutting-edge solutions for today's requirements. We achieve such objectives through intelligent analytics, IoT, and digital workplace productivity. 

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We help our clients through a skilled and diversified team located in the United States, Russia and India.  With strong expertise on Project Management , Agile, SDLC and CICD as well as  AWS, AZURE Cloud, Google Computing Cloud and DevOps. Entrust

team also provides Java, Rich Client Platform, Java ,E-commerce and IoT.

Development is provided across multiple domains and industries.

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Entrust business analysis design and development expertise  allows it to create software solutions across multiple domains. Entrust has partnered and created Clinical Research Management System with BioIDC,Insurance Carrier Management

with Premier Risk Management Services and Regulatory Compliance solution with ParencyGRC Solutions in California.

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