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Internet of Things


Some 30 billion IoT devices will be in use by 2020—that’s next year. Entrust provides full-range IoT services to address your project needs, from consulting to development and implementation, analytics, support and evolution. Whether you are planning to launch an IoT initiative, improve an IoT application already in use, or integrate your IoT solution with a legacy system, you can count on our extensive experience in cloud application design and development, cloud infrastructure administration and maintenance, remote monitoring and control, as well as data analytics and information security.



Best practices that ensure

  • Visual IoT model flow design

  • Visual User experience modeling

  • Visual Interactive prototype

  • IoT cloud security configuration

  • Detailed use case definition

  • Cloud Configuration documentation

  • Custom dashboard development and configuration

  • Shared  project management tool

  • Security QA report

  • Performance QA reporting

  • Regularly scheduled progress  updates

  • Google Cloud Solutions 


You advantage: A well documented use case that is flexible and that can scale so that you can cover  additional functionalities.

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