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Proof of Concept

Proof of  Concepts "POC" generates knowledge about the product’s design, performance, production requirements, and preliminary production costs. It allows you to test your  idea at lower cost and in a shorter time period. POC demonstrates design and functional ideas that can be used in prototypes or in the final product. POC provides reality checks and  risk management tool.


A successful POC is  used in  prototype or the production version of the software. An unsuccessful one, give you valuable feedback so that you can change your design or project direction early on

Planning your proof of concept 

POC is a very focused sometimes single purpose mini project and required the following:

  • Management: Who is leading it and who are the team members ?

  • Define your POC Scope: What are you trying to test

  • Validation: How are you going to test it ?

  • Integration: How will it be used ?

  • What is your timeline ?

  • What is your budget ?


You advantage: Faster time to market and better project risk management

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