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Top Digital Trends of 2020

Written by: Amoli Bhatt

The digital trends provide a user with the knowledge to know what current technology is available to the market. The need to innovate is one of the reasons why people want to be ahead of the trends, which then promotes digital transformation allowing companies to compete and outperform each other.

With that, let's now dive into the top digital trends of 2020:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI is a technology that enables a machine to solve complex problems by imitating human behavior. On the other hand, ML is a subset of AI. AI and Machine Learning basics can be used by companies for various processes right from automation and optimization of mundane tasks to gain creative insights for intelligent decision-making.

Programmatic Advertising

Digital Marketing Institute defined programmatic ad buying as the use of software to buy digital advertising. Programmatic advertising is used to target a specific segment of audiences based on their behaviors, leading to streamlined digital advertising efforts, making transactions efficient and effective.


Chatbot, also known as a conversational agent, uses AI to carry out a natural human conversation. 24/7 responsiveness, prompt answers, accurate recall of purchase order history, and easy problem-solving tactics are features of websites with chatbots. Many customers prefer interacting with chatbots over a customer service representative if it is a simple question because Chatbots give direct answers or links for reference.

Visual Search

The visual search engine searches the world wide web returning web pages, locations, photos, and other types of information of real-world images. Examples like Pinterest, Google, Bing, and more have jumped on the visual search bandwagon to take user experience to a new level. It is most helpful when going to a new location and does not know how the building looks or when trying to develop an outfit for the day.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation tools are not new, but 2020 is when it has caught a second wave. With RPA, one can automate tedious rule-based business processes, allowing business users to devote more time to other higher-value work.

Technology-adjacent trends

Digital Transformation is about more than its technological parts. XaaS (everything as a service), UX/CX (User/Customer Experience), and Digital Privacy have also taken center stage in 2020.


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